I've left-slanting about META tags in the past, and I reflection I'd aid you enlarge your hunt engine optimisation hard work and expansion your web hits.

Rule #1: META tags always go in betwixt the HEAD tags on your website.
Rule #2: NEVER take in any splash breaks in any META tag!

Most one and all knows the two elemental META tags: keywords and categorization.

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Keywords should be in a dropping command of need. Move your peak big keywords to the front, and don't retell yourself (e.g. auto,parts,auto parts,Auto Parts). Keep the document short, to in the order of 25 keywords. If you provide to more than one clannish clump of people, muse keywords in opposite languages. Lastly, do away with spaces concerning the language. Make them "comma" as an alternative of "comma space".

Descriptions should likewise be kept epigrammatic and to the thorn. Around 100-125 characters is around the max utile dimension. Make confident you use a few useful keywords in your description, be enlightening but terse.

Web designers should count these tags as well:

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<meta name="author" content="yourname"> <meta name="copyright" content="Copyright 2004, yourname"> <meta name="generator" content="yourname or company">

These iii tags may transfer if you are the possessor of the business/website but not the manufacturer. In that case, the original two lines would be roughly speaking the firm owner, piece the third should be the jehovah or the creator's web address.

For visiting robots, you may want to add this line:

<meta name="robots" content="index,follow,noarchive">

Although record robots use the robots.txt file, Google in finicky too pays limelight to the third item - noarchive. This tells the force out motor to scale of measurement the page, but not to cache it. This comes in handy if you adjustment your folio often. Google will consequently ever displace the somebody to the latest version of the page, not one that it cached.

Latly, you may want to brood over these two META tags for our brilliant Microsoft-controlled world:

<meta name="MSSmartTagPreventParsing" content="TRUE"> <meta http-equiv="imagetoolbar" content="no">

The prototypal turns off a dimension in MS Internet Explorer which displays "smart tags", or propellant links, to your website. These course can in truth direct the human to your competition's website. Not good!

The imagetoolbar tag prevents Internet Explorer 6 users from swiping your tailored nontextual matter by unhealthful a toolbar. This toolbar is as a matter of course displayed by doing a right-click on a graphical and abiding it to saucer. While people can immobile swipe your graphics, at least they'll have to go through a petite difficulty to get it. Hopefully its decent of a deterrant to hold them away.

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